Best BMW E39 diagnostic tool under 200USD: Foxwell NT530 scanner

I personally use Foxwell NT530 with BMW software Preinstalled (ordered 520 they sent me a 530, saying nt530 can cover F series models), it is a plug-and-play scanner without loaded on one computer.

I’ve had the NT530 for a few days, very pleased. it performed Check codes, bleed brakes, see live data, compare data, clear codes all done with ease and I can keep it in the door pocket of the car to carry with me all the time, registered a new battery and reset the steering angle sensor…… WELL WORTH THE $$$.

If your car is preface lift you will need the 16pin to 20pin round cable to read all modules in the car from under the hood.



Differences between the ECS/Schwaben and Foxwell:

Both are 100% the same, they have same functionalities. Foxwell is the maker of the software and producer of the tool. So, Schwaben and ECS gets their support from Foxwell.


If you’re going to use the scanner with any additional makes, you probably want to go with the Foxwell NT530. While you can add additional makes with either model, you will always get full functionality for the additional makes with the NT530.


If you search “NT530” on, there are SC283-C and SC283-C1, for BMW just choose SC283-C1, it is preinstalled with BMW software without download from the official site.

If you purchase SC283-C, make sure you download the FoxScanner software for it BEFORE YOU REGISTER the scanner, and then register the scan tool THROUGH the software, rather than directly at the FOXWELL website. You’ll need to do it this way in order for the software to recognize the device and download & install any updates.