Definition of Foxwell NT520Pro Secondary air system Monitoring (INC)

I need help with your abbreviations on the screen of my new Foxwell NT520 Pro.


I am working on an I/M readiness problem in OBD2.


The screen shows “NC” for the Secondary Air. What does this mean please? Not Connected? No connection? Or what ? I tried a google search but only got North Carolina.:-)


The Durametric I usually use shows “Pass” or ”Fail” for these results. Very unambiguous.


Thank you,


Here is the “NC” for which I asked for a definition.


It appears in the I/M Readiness screen .The section is Secondary Air.


I checked the manual online and could find no information on this issue.


So what does NC mean please?



the NC is actually the INC. It refers to INC (Incomplete) – vehicle was not driven enough to complete the monitor.


It means, the vehicle does not meet the emission requirements and needs to be inspected for maintenance.


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