Diagnose Jaguar XK / XKR (X150) 2006 – 2014 with Foxwell NT510

I plugged my shiny new Landrover / Jaguar Foxwell NT510 Multi System Scanner into my Jaguar XK / XKR (X150) yesterday evening and read the codes.
I got a few historical failures and the P0100B code that I expected.
I cleared the codes and did another scan which returned only the P0100B code.

I then switched off the car and disconnected the code reader.

Now I can’t start the car.

The ignition comes on and all the electrics work (a/c seats, lights, but the car won’t crank).

The possible reasons and what to try to do:

Try all keys. Try inserting a known-good key into the smart key slot in the center cubby hole (I’m assuming 5.0 cars still have that). Try the battery disconnect trick for a while as above and check battery voltage.

Unlikely anything serious will have happened, more likely to be battery related or some other, coincidental factor.

 Diagnose Jaguar XK / XKR (X150) 2006 – 2014 with Foxwell NT510

Finally, problem is over!

Well, got home from work and removed the battery cover trim.

Said to the wife “I’ll just give it another go before I start disconnecting things.”

Jumped in the car, pressed the Start button….

Heard the relay click and the fuel pump prime then……………..I was just about to take my finger off the button, then Vroom!

There must have been about a five second delay before it started, but it seemed a lot longer than that.

Anyway, the crisis seems to be over for now, phew!

Had a run round the block then a few more “normal” restarts and things appear to be fine.

Just got the original issue to deal with now.

I’m sure I heard the ****** thing sniggering when I was going back indoors!