Topic:Foxwell Nt510 Elite Mercedes Benz Scanner ,Any Good?

Review of tool : Foxwell Nt510 Elite Multi-System Scanner


Supported cars: Mercedes Benz

Topic:Foxwell Nt510 Elite Mercedes Benz Scanner ,Any Good?


Full OBD2 Service Diagnosis: yes


Full System Diagnosis: yes


Bi-directional Tests / Service Functions:

ABS Manual Control Tests

ABS Motor Test

ABS Version Test

Actuator Tests

Autobleed Test

Service Bleed

Automated Test

Brake Bleed Preparation Test

Function Test

Gear Tension Relief Test

Idle Up Manual Control Test

Lamp Tests


Foxwell Nt510 Elite Mercedes Benz function list:

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Topic:Foxwell Nt510 Elite Mercedes Benz Scanner ,Any Good? Topic:Foxwell Nt510 Elite Mercedes Benz Scanner ,Any Good?


Foxwell Nt510 Elite Mercedes Reviews:

Review 1.

Affordable Bi-Directional Scanner for Mercedes. Sprinter, & Smart Car (like old W220 S500)

old W220 S500 showed no “check engine” light, SRS, or ABS faults on the dash. I did have some marker lights and suspension messages in the instrument cluster.


I came across this Foxwell Nt510 Elite on I discovered it was bi-directional and came Pre-loaded with the Make of choice with the option to buy other brands (BMW, VW/Audi, and more). Best it didn’t have an annual fee to keep it working.


Once received I was able to diagnose the 60ish modules my 2006 S500 had, learning that I had about 30 faults… yikes! No wonder I got a great deal on this car. Anyway, I was able to reference each code on different Mercedes forums and started tackling each problem.

The biggest issues with these older W220 Mercedes are: Airmatic pumps, airmatic shocks, and the horrible PSE door locking system. This scanner told me what soft close doors that malfunctioned, that my PSE unit in the trunk was bad, that my trunk opening unit had a short and so on. Best of all, the bi-directional tests allowed me to see each modules of my air suspension and door locking and run tests. Unreal!

I’m a weekend warrior who enjoys wrenching. I’m not an expert but love that we can all wrench on anything with a scanner like this and YouTube. There’s a reason $85k+ 10 year old + cars are worth next to nothing, due to the complexities of over engineered knuckleheads in Germany. Go out and buy an old Benz, wrench on it and take something that was once amazing and bring it back to life for 5% -10% of the original MSRP.

I highly recommend this scanner for its capabilities of looking into the specific modules (bi-directional) at an affordable price.



Don’t expect to reprogram keys, or adjust complex systems like the Mercedes Star scanner. It’s something anyone can use and save thousands from the dealerships.

Topic:Foxwell Nt510 Elite Mercedes Benz Scanner ,Any Good?


Review 2. Clears the codes, reads some data, it has paid for itself

The unit powers right up and detects my VIN. A “quick” scan takes close to 10 minutes (advised to use Foxwell NT530 scanner which has better hardware and fast running speed).

It took awhile for me to learn this, but by going into the menus, I can quickly see individual codes and/or clear a check engine light. Navigating through these menus isn’t very intuitive at all. For some functions you have to press F1-F3 for others, you hit a back arrow. It’s just very odd.

If you have ABC, it will do the rodeo and provide data. I’m not certain what I’m seeing.

All that said, it stays in the car with me and it’s paid for itself by allowing me to clear the codes and see some insight into what’s going on.


Review 3: 2003 Mercedes E500 — WORKS AMAZING

I had an issue with my airmatic suspension. I was able to utilize this to go into the individual module for the suspension and test all of the different components of the system- each individual air shock, the level sensors, pump etc. Saved me A LOT of money in the long run. Ended up having to replace the compressor which was a $200 job and I was able to swap them out in 15 mins. Now the car suspension is perfect again!


Review 4: Mercedes X166 models — WORKS AMAZING

For the money, Foxwell Nt510 Elite scanner is great and it’s just short of something like Mercedes STAR diagnostic in my opinion. I tried a few of the popular iCarsoft scanners and while they were good, they did not offer as much info as this scanner did. The adaptation feature on the Foxwell pays for itself after one use, that’s what sets it apart from other scanners in this price range, and more.
The biggest con I can think of is it’s slow, I’ve not checked for updates online yet and will try to get around to updating the review when possible. Also, I wish it could force a regen on diesels, but that’s not a big deal. It’s a relatively cheap scanner with lots of good, applicable features that make it worthwhile for the home games and even certified Mercedes mechanics.


Review 5: sharing the using tips

Foxwell Nt510 Elite works great BUT how you interface with the internet needs a lot of clearing up! This is a particular model that uses “Foxassist” NOT “Foxscanner”. Downloading and installing “Foxscanner” is completely useless. If you want more vehicles added to the scanner you have to pay upfront with a PayPal account. After you pay with PayPal they make the additional software available (yet to be seen that is what I was told in an email). The only number given is a foreign number that cannot be dialed regularly, so all communications have been through email. NO 1800 number.


Topic:Foxwell Nt510 Elite Mercedes Benz Scanner ,Any Good?