How to use Foxwell NT510 reset BMW X5 remaining mileage countdown

Used Foxwell NT510 to reset BMW X5 remaining mileage countdown after I refilled the DEF.

I was really impressed with this Foxwell with all the options that were given for BMWs.

Here are screen shot pics that I found online of some of the functions …


As you can see, Foxwell NT510 works on BMW, Mini, Rolls-Royce and can access to the Drive, Chassis and Body (45 options).


Maintenance function: Transport mode/pre-delivery check, CBS reset and CBS correction, vehicle data.


Drive option: Motor Electronics, CAS, Transmission control, Transmission control VTG


Chassis option: Steering-angle sensor, wheel-slip control system and tyre defect indicator.


Foxwell NT510 BMW scanner for sale:

foxwell nt510 diagnose bmw e46-01…ileage-countdown/