What is the relationship between Z1 Elite and NT510 Elite?

Nissan/Infiniti Diagnostic Scan Tool: Foxwell NT510 Elite VS Z1 Elite in similarities and differences.



Both made by Foxwell manufacture.

Both are scanners for specifically for Nissan/Infiniti vehicles.



Z1 Elite is a Foxwell NT510 Elite with the Nissan/Infiniti software in it.

so it Z1 is just rebranding and up-charging.


Z1 Elite is for sale $198, while a NT510 Elite with one free car make (Nissan/Infiniti) for $149. Foxwell version is the exact same as Z1’s.

What is the relationship between Z1 Elite and NT510 Elite?


Their advertisement clearly shows it is a Foxwell NT510 Elite. They added a “Z1 by Foxwell” label on the top instead of “Foxwell”. Instead of “Multi-System Scanner NT510 Elite” for the center label, they put “Nissan/Infiniti Scanner NT510 Elite”.


You can buy the identical Foxwell NT510 Elite scanner here for $149:


Just select “Nissan/Infiniti” as a version when ordering. You can order additional versions for other fleets (SD cards, I guess) for $60-$80 each.


Here’s the manual for what NT510 Elite can do:



Good to know:

Foxwell makes quality scanners, thier scanners look pretty solid. I may buy one NT510 Elite at only $149. I see that it can carry up to 5 separate fleets in storage so one could add manufacturer-specific programming for other owned cars besides Nissan/Infiniti.

It does do TPMS programming plus much more. It also appears that the NT510 Elite has been been upgraded to the Foxwell NT530 and if you order a NT510 Elite, they will send you a NT530. $149 is pretty tempting.


Question: Tpms does not appear in the Z1’s special functions menu

Answer: Foxwell NT530 can support TPMS, but it has not been taken out separately. Because it is up to the specific car model, so it will not be written in detail in the manual.


Some users feedback: Found you can get to the function through the control modules menu. once you do, you’ll be prompted for the use of an id registry device. If you continue anyway (i of course did) you’ll only get a tire pressure warning light for your effort.