Solved! 2016 Rogue Airbag Light Solid Not Blinking With NT630Pro

Here is someone’s experience from NICOclub of how to solve airbag light is stuck on:

hey y’all, i wired a dashcam into my parents’ car yesterday and now the airbag light is stuck on (but not blinking, just solid on). it seems the normal reset process (on/off 7 seconds, diag mode) is not working. i did, because i’m an idiot, unplug the aircon cluster and therefore the passenger occupancy sensor light, which likely caused this, but given most people see a blinking SRS light i’m not sure this is the case.

does anyone have an idea 1) how to reset this, or 2) if this is going to require some major work on the vehicle? also am curious how this would be caused vice the blinking light. from reading the FSM, it seems that it’s likely due to deployment, but none of the bags deployed

I was worried since this one wasn’t blinking it was going to be f***ed. i ordered a Foxwell NT630 which seems to be pretty solid at airbag faults, hoping that will clear it


Test Results:
The foxwell NT630 pro did a solid job. connected it, it detected the VIN and let me choose ABS/SRS check for the rogue. it shows no fault with ABS (whew hahaha) and 1 fault with SRS. upon opening the fault list, it showed a fault for the passenger airbag light (the light in the center console). while IMO this is silly to require special tooling to clear, i was able to “quick clear” all the codes, and the airbag light went out. no issues since.

Foxwell Nt630 Rogue Airbag Reset Review 01

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Foxwell Nt630 Rogue Airbag Reset Review 02

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