How to fix Foxwell NT650 elite Update error

Q: My Foxwell NT650 elite update failed, got a “serial number error” , any idea?


Possible reason and solution:

The reason lies in the update tool download error, You should use the 𝗙𝗼𝘅𝗔𝘀𝘀𝗶𝘀𝘁 to update your NT650ELITE instead of FoxScanner.

Please feel free to download: Foxwell nt650 elite update tool 

Application platform: win7/win8/win10
Size: 127M
NOTE: It is recommended to use a TF card reader to update.


BTW,Please note that Foxwell have two official websites, but you have no access to both websites with your account due to technical reasons.
You have to register on one of the two websites according to the actual situation. >>
Update Tool:FoxAssist
Only for the models listed below:


  • i70
  • i70Pro
  • NT680 Lite
  • NT680
  • NT680 Pro
  • NT530
  • GT60
  • GT60Plus
  • NT630Plus
  • NT614Elite
  • NT624Elite
  • NT644Elite
  • NT634
  • NT650Elite
  • NT510Elite
Update Tool:FoxScanner
Only for  the models listed below

  • GT90
  • GT80MINI
  • NT630Elite
  • NT414Elite
  • NT630
  • NT614
  • NT624
  • NT644Pro
  • NT650
  • NT520Pro
  • NT510Pro
  • NT414
  • NT500

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