Foxwell NT530 On Honda Civic Reviews

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Foxwell NT530 On Honda Civic Reviews


  1. Able to do everything HDS can do. Reset DTCs and clear TPS sensor data for cleaning and changing throttle bodies, reset ECU and run tests like make the wiper squirter motor run with the sunroof open.


  1. I got the NT530. I was able to perform the TPS Alignment and fix my bouncing idle issue so it did what I needed to do so far. It has a good amount of functionality so all in all I’m happy with the purchase.


3.The Foxwel NT530 (with Honda software) is really a great little tool and reasonably priced.


  1. 4. I bought the Foxwell NT530 as suggested and it worked perfectly. It has a lot of other bidirectional features for Honda so I highly recommend it to anyone who owns a Honda and does their own work.


  1. 6. I bought the Foxwell NT530 and used it to clear the TPS sensor data. Took only a minute to do with the scan tool and then 5-10 minutes of idle relearn time.

When you’re all done and it’s back together reset the TPS data with a bidirectional scan tool like the Foxwell NT530  (I’m still really happy with this tool, by the way) and do the idle relearn procedure.


Foxwell NT530 Honda Civic function list:

Foxwell NT530 On Honda Civic Reviews


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