2003 Discovery 2 service engine reset with Foxwell NT530

I have a 2003 Discovery 2, recently the service engine light on. I used Foxwell NT530 scanner to scan, the code is as follows:

55 DTC secondary air valve power stage fault

58 DTC DMTL heater power stage

62 DTC canister purge valve fault (power stage)

60 DTC Purge canister vent / DMTL power stage fault

16 DTC Leakage detection module motor power stage error

73 DTC Mass air flow sensor fault

70 DTC Camshaft sensor fault / valve timing error.

I will post the obd2 codes soon

obd2 codes

P1 451

P0 414

P1 482

P0 454

P0 484

P0 102

P0 340

P0 134

P0 154

P0 135

P0 155

P0 141

P0 161

P0 159

I see what all the codes described, O2 sensor. Mass airflow etc.



So Foxwell NT530 Scanner has its own set of codes, that’s annoying.. I would start with clearing the codes and going for a couple drive cycles, and focus on the OBD P#### Land Rover codes. Also make sure the battery is fully charged, In my experience a low battery can cause all kinds of incoherent codes and nonsense to popup.

2003 Discovery 2 service engine reset with Foxwell NT530


Finally! service engine light on reset successfully.

Well after many attempts to clean the factory connectors to the positive side of the battery it became apparent that the cable ends were corroded. I replaced with a parts store connector. I was extremely skeptical that this would work. Well to my surprise IT WORKS!!!! I’ve only driven about 20 miles since the repair but still don’t have service engine light on.