Best BMW diagnostic software on E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006 – 2013)

This post collects some best BMW diagnostic software on E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006 – 2013), and all are verified working fine.

Top 1: Foxwell NT510 BMW scanner

Top 2: Carly Pro for BMW

Top 3: BMW Standard Tools 2.12 and/or ISTA+

Top 4: BimmerGeeks Pro cable

Top 5: Bav Tech cable

Reasons to recommend the above top 4 BMW scanners:

Top 1: Foxwell NT510 BMW scanner , 155USD

Foxwell NT510 is a diagnostic tool and can code things like injector, steering angle calibration.

Here is a function list for BMW:

Here full Foxwell NT510 BMW  test report OK and K.O experience: (read #20)


Review: even someone have no any experience with the Foxwell but they have heard good things about it.

foxwell nt510 diagnose bmw e46-01

Top 2: Carly Pro for BMW

Carly for BMW is great for coding and has diagnostics in it.


Review: To the OP: I have both the Carly Pro for BMW (about $100), and the Schwaben Professional BMW Scanner by Foxwell (about $155 on, cheaper than amazon). I think both are good. The Carly is a bit cheaper, so perhaps that is the logical first step. The Foxwell has some capabilities that are different from the Carly.

Top 3: BMW Standard Tools 2.12 and/or ISTA+

Why not just get BMW Standard Tools 2.12 and/or ISTA+? Downloads are free (better from reliable source, if not judge, better pay for tested working one). All you need is a Windows based laptop and a $40 DCAN cableDiagnose, flash, code, and program away

It’s good investment, the consumer cable can reset adoptions and CBS, do activations, and read and clear errors. I have one and its not even close to what you can do with the dealer level software I’m talking about.

BMW Tools 2.12 consists of NCS Expert (coding. feature changing, VO editing), WinKFP (module flashing, updating), INPA (diagnostics, activations, error reading-clearing), and Tool 32 (activations, short circuit resetting of modules). ISTA is just the next generation of diagnostic software also known as Rheingold. Googling both will give you a plethora of info. These aren’t tuning tools in any way.

They do everything incl. Diagnostics, Activations, simple reprogramming such as different battery type, Registrations, etc. — the type of things needed to diagnose, repair & replace as original (as opposed to changing DME code or “tinkering”).

The only limitation is that modules on the MOST ring require a ICOM to be programmed although I’ve heard of people using the BimmerGeeks Pro cable to do it.

The main negative used to be locating a good working software pkg in English but not any longer.



Top 4: BimmerGeeks Pro cable

The BimmerGeek cable can be used on ANY Exx BMW, E9x, E8x, E6x, etc. It has a switch that allows you to work on the newer or older E series.

The software for the F series and G series is the same and is available on their website as well, it’s called Esys, and uses a OBD ethernet cable. I’ve haven’t used it yet but it it’s more streamlined and handles coding, programming, and flashing.

BimmerGeeks have links to all the software on their website’s home page. Set up is as easy as following directions. Using it has a learning curve but there’s ton of tutorials on YouTube and elsewhere that can walk you through most anything. Like most things, you learn a lot just playing around with it. It can be used with any E series BMW, Mini’s, and RR with the appropriate daten pkgs, all of which are available to download, but it will not work on non BMWs as neither will a BT cable.

I use the BimmerGeek cable. It’s well worth the $40. They’re also a great source of info. Those guys really know their stuff when it comes to this software and offer remote setup if needed.

Top 5: Bav Tech cable

I don’t use my Bav Tech cable anymore. It doesn’t do anything that I can’t do with this software. I probably break it out once a yr to make sure it still works and can be used as a back up.

That’s all