Can Foxwell NT530 scanner perform reset check on Audi cars?

Looking for a Audi OBD2 scan tool that can reset inspection due light? And your Wifi is not accessible because the car sits too far away in your apartment.


The Foxwell NT530 VW Audi scan tool is able to reset both oil change & maintenance minders. It’s got a small screen, but it does a ton of stuff. For the price ($169), it outperforms a ton of scantools. You can also code options as well with it. No internet connection needed….


Look at the image of Foxwell NT530 scanner:

Can Foxwell NT530 scanner perform reset check on Audi cars?


foxwell scantool does every single thing that my Snap-on verus edge does. The snap on scanner is about the price of a used car… Just search”NT530″ in foxwelltool. com, it’ll pop up.


Best of all, if you want to use it for another make of car, go to their website, pay $60 for a download. You’ll have a scanner that’ll do any make of car or suv you pick on the list of manufacturers.


There are some good articles and youtube video that show what it will do:

For example: Foxwell NT530 AudiA4 Q3 oil service reset reviews


And Foxwell NT530 Audi function list:

Please select Audi, NT530, vehicle, year, subsystem etc, and then click on “Search”.


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