Feedback on the use of Foxwell NT530 on Porsche

I purchased a Foxwell NT530 for Porsche, I placed the order Friday evening and received the scanner the following Tuesday). I’d heard horror stories of Foxwell scanners arriving and not having the correct software loaded, scanner not able to read the proper car type, poor customer service, etc., so was ready to fight the battle.

I opened the box, removed the scanner and took it to the garage and plugged into the OBD port on my ’08 Cayman S. Pressed the ‘Porsche’ icon and it immediately gave me the option of ‘987 Boxster’ or ‘987 Cayman’. After selecting ‘Cayman’ it gave me the vehicles VIN number and a few other pertenents relating to my car. I then went to ‘quick scan’ and the tool scanned 18 or 19 items, giving me four (4) fault codes, all of the ‘C’ variety. A big of research told me these were communications-related and possibly from a previous owners’ work on the vehicle. I cleared these codes and will run another test in a week or so to see if they reproduce?

I played around with the scanner, just seeing what options and items it could address, and was impressed with the options available (including the obvous oil and service reset options, but quite a few more involved options as well).

So far, early in the game, I’m very satisfied with what this scanner brings to the table. Definitely worth the price of admission for a DIY like me.


If you are looking for an affordable scanner with Porsche options, Foxwell NT530 would be worth a look.


Foxwell NT530 2009 Cayman S Review:

I have at NT530 that I use on my 2009 Cayman S. It’s been very useful when I put in my seat/harness for track days. When using my track seat, I can disable the Thorax airbag so I don’t get an airbag warning. I can also shut off the seatbelt chime.


Foxwell NT530 09 Cayman S (with PDK) review:

Got a nice new shiny NT530. On my 09 Cayman S (with PDK), it does show a fill mode for the PDK, but does not seem to support the PDK clutch calibration.


Foxwell NT530 is much better than Foxwell NT510 elite:

aside from the vintage the software was identical. Guess not. I’ve also heard the NT510 has some difficulty reading a fiber buss on the newer BMWs, and the 530 has a hardware change that fixes that problem. Foxwell sales will offer a pretty good price on either one if you ask, and they said they can place the order directly, they just need your Paypal to send an invoice to for payment. I ordered the Foxwell NT530 since it was only $20 more than the 510.

Feedback on the use of Foxwell NT530 on Porsche

Feedback on the use of Foxwell NT530 on Porsche


Took a bit of time to find it, but it was fairly obvious, start out in PROGRAMMING then go to STEERING WHEEL Electronics – and there it is. I assume the Launch Control light also works but didn’t try that in my garage tonight. What’s interesting – the $1,000 Launch X431 Turbo doesn’t offer this function. Go figure – at least the one I looked for it with (which had about 2-year-old software on it – the Foxwell NT530 software updates are free for life..)


VERY cool.. cost me less than it would have cost to have the local shop hook their PIWIS up to it (they wanted $150 + tax, this cost me $155, no tax, free shipping – direct from Foxwell US – delivered in 3 days.)


And I can confirm – found nothing about calibration for the PDK. Did find and read the PDK fill instructions. Didn’t look for battery registration since an ’09 Boxster doesn’t have that.


Buried in the Foxwell site is an .xls with a menu overview, and you should be able to see / download it from

I used it to clear maintenance reminders on the 981. Not a bad tool for the price.

Note too of course, it includes all applicable Porsche models, and you will need to filter on 987…

Feedback on the use of Foxwell NT530 on Porsche


Foxwell NT530 pull a DME report and recode my new sport design wheel

The coverage depends on the model, which is why I only recommended it for 2 Porsches – the 987 series and the 955/957 Cayenne series. Both of those have not only extensive reporting capabilities, they have extensive programming abilities. Other models – you best look on their website for the spreadsheet sort of page that lists what it can do on each model. The 987.2 – it’s a steal for it’s capabilities. On my 958 Cayenne – not so much, no programming, more limited diagnostics. Even at it’s most limited model coverage, it appears about equal to the Durametric Enthusiast device, at a lower price without VIN# count limitations. I imagine the more extended coverage for other models will be enabled in future updates.. at least I hope for the 958 series.


Got an NT530 yesterday. Was able to pull a DME report as well as recode my new sport design wheel to make the horn work again. Nice to not have to go to a dealer for this type of stuff that anyone could do in 10 seconds if only they had the right tool.

I’ve had some weird coding issues since getting PSE installed at the dealer. At first I noticed the doors would not lock and the gas cap would randomly stay locked. I brought it back and they fixed that. I’ve since noticed that the cruise control activation light no longer displays on the dash even though its fully functional. I tried re enabling cruise on the Foxwell even though it said it was already on but haven’t tested whether it changed anything yet.
As a side note, my DME report showed 0’s across every range, that was kind of surprising.

Feedback on the use of Foxwell NT530 on Porsche


Foxwell NT530 – Cost with 1 free manufacturer (I picked Porsche) around $155 delivered, purchased direct from the US Foxwell importer after emailing sales and asking for a price. Shipped from the US, so delivery was quite fast (2 days). You can purchase additional manufacturers for around $50/60 each. I believe there is a limit on the number it will support – but it was higher than I’d ever need so I didn’t pay much attention to that. Software download/update was fairly simple, requires a PC, but once done the unit is a standalone, powered by the OBD-II connector (no additional cords needed or power sources.) Capabilities differ by Manufacturer/Model – DO check the link I provided above and avoid disappointment. On my Cayenne – programming isn’t available – but it isn’t available with Durametric Enthusiast or iCarScan. Diagnostics and activations (making systems do things) appear equal to the other tools. Can do oil/service resets. It can save data, but I haven’t found a reporting ability yet, but I also haven’t really looked. I suspect if it exists that might require hooking it up to a computer or taking the memory card in it (user installed) to a computer. Software updating is done via a USB computer connection. It appeared that software updates are fairly frequent – and are free to the user forever.

Foxwell NT530 can clear airbag lights

I can confirm the Foxwell NT530 can clear airbag lights – I installed a race seat for track duty and triggered the airbag light. The NT530 completely cleared it.

What it CANNOT do is program the thorax airbag monitor to “off” or to not look for the airbag. I think the only programmer that can do this is the PIWIS Porsche programmer.


Foxwell NT530 to get to the Thorax Airbag setting:

Feedback on the use of Foxwell NT530 on Porsche


Foxwell NT530 update

After updating Foxwell NT530 I got quite impressed with it. Could enter proper oil change date. Register battery (which also clears errors with auto stop/start & PDL). Also found enormous list of tests and special functions in each of the menu. To update you would need a quite old computer with something like Windows 7 or similar running on it.



Foxwell NT530 what can’t work:

I explored the light options a bit – there is an option for the type of lights in the rear – blank, LED, incandescent. Mine was set to blank, I decided to change it to LED – that gave me a bulb out warning message and double-fast blink whenever I used either turnsignal, despite the 987.2 coming with LED lights. SO – I went back into the menu and selected incandescent and everything was fine again. that sort of confirms my thinking that a lot of the de-codes and reverse engineering required for these tools is coming from a single source, there are a number of reversed-function faults like this in the iCarScan X431 tool..

I also didn’t see anything about running lights, but that might have been a selection done with the PCM on some cars – it is that way on my ’11 Cayenne.

Alright, credits to all Foxwell NT530 users’ feedback!


Here is the good source of Foxwell NT530 Porsche scanner at $159 price free shipping