Foxwell i75TS Detailed Review

In this review, we will look at the Foxwell i75TS diagnostics tool. We will get into its specifics and what makes it stand out from the rest.

The i75TS is a new-generation android-based, an intelligent diagnostic tool from the Foxwell brand. It is designed with car technicians, professionals, and auto-repair shops in mind.

Let’s get deeper into why this tool is worth the hype.

Foxwell i75TS Detailed Review



This is definitely a new-generation automotive diagnostic tool!

The Foxwell i75TS stands at 8″ in screen-size, and offers a resolution of 1280 * 800 pixels. As a diagnostic tool in the Foxwell range, it keeps up with its predecessors by utilizing powerful OE-level diagnostic capabilities. Further to that, it integrates TPMS service functions that include gear learning, oil reset, and sensor relearn.

The device allows multi-lingual support in English, Korean, Italian, Russian, and 9 other languages. Additionally, it offers key coding to several vehicle brands. It supports control module coding for brands such as Toyota, BMW, and Ford.

While the i75TS is a high-end device built with professionals in mind, it offers menu-driven navigation that can be used by anyone and does not require training. All you have to do is follow instructions.

This diagnostic tool promises to offer all functionalities you need!

Foxwell i75TS vs. FoxwellGT60 Plus

These are two newly released advanced scanners by Foxwell.  Let’s take a look at their key differences in the comparison chart below.


  Foxwell i75TS Foxwell GT60 Plus


Product Dimensions 272 x 163 x 39 mm (LxWxH) 230 x 155 x 21 mm(LxWxH)
Item Weight 6.6 pounds 14.33 pounds
Screen Size 8 inches 1280 * 800 pixels 7inch 1024 * 600 pixels
OBDII Diagnostics Full OBD2 Full OBD2
System Diagnostics All systems Full system in-depth diagnostic
Advanced service functions (special functions, reset functions) 35 service reset function. These includeEngine power balance monitoring.

High-voltage battery health detection

GPF Regeneration

AC system Relearn

Rotation Angle Sensor Calibration

ACC calibration

(Over 11 special functions present in this scanner are not available in the GT60 plus scanner. Above are several examples)

24 service rest functions. These include:

Oil Reset

ABS Bleeding

Injector coding

Gearbox learning

AFS reset


(All functions available in this scanner are available in the i75TS scanner)


Coding/ Programming Injector coding for 61 brands

ECU module replacement for 27 brands


Key Programming


Supports key coding for several vehicle brands.

Offers control module coding.

Vehicle coverage 110 car brands, over 10,000 cars, SUVs, minivans, and light trucks. Over 70 car brands, except Brazilian, Australian, and Indian cars.

Compatible with both OBDI and OBDII cars


Detailed Review

Professional design and hardware

From its packaging to its actual size, with the Foxwell i75TS, you will get the sense that you will be handling a powerful device! It comes at 272 x 163 x 39 mm in size. This is smaller compared to other Foxwell models such as the i80Max, which shares a similar kit with the i75TS.

In its toolkit, there should be all adapters including the old Mercedes-Benz OBD1 connector (Mercedes Benz 38 Pin Adapter). Which can come in pretty handy!

The Foxwell i75TS possesses an 8′ LCD superior touchscreen that supports daylight reading. An extra touchscreen feature that makes it stand out is the touch-with-gloves feature. Pretty handy for an auto shop!

Its 8,000mAh lithium battery makes it’s a perfect field diagnostic tool. Add that to the 32 GB hard drive and 2.0 GHz quad-core CPU and you have a fast and reliable tool on your hands.

Full system diagnostics

As a full system diagnostics tool, the i75TS would be considered a perfect tool.

It comes equipped with the full OE-Level diagnostic capabilities available to its predecessors. This allows it to scan and diagnose all vehicle systems such as chassis, and powertrain. It also supports full OBD2 system diagnostics.

Its auto-scan feature enables you to accurately read and clear codes of all electronic components of your vehicle. It gives you access to well-presented sensor data in either graph, text, or gauge formats. This feature saves you a lot of time and energy in error interpretation and status sensing. It also offers Foxwell’s top-of-the-range data parameter self-learning technology in every stage of your journey. This data is then stored and can be referenced in the future to tell on the status of the vehicle being observed.

The i75TS also offers automatic VIN reading and identification for each vehicle. So you will not have to waste time recording these details.

Advanced service functions

This scanner supports 35 service reset functions such as Gear Learning, SAS Reset, TPMS Reset, CLUTH Adaptation.

The i75TS integrates the TPMS antenna module and the whole TPMS service package. This includes Foxwell T10, TPMS sensor, Diagnosis of tire pressure monitoring system, activate/deactivate universal TPMS sensors, and their relearning.

The above features coupled with its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities allow technicians to use the scanner tool efficiently and effectively.

Amongst the advanced service features are (as mentioned above):

  • Gear Learning

In this, the Foxwell i75TS monitors specific camshaft position sensor signals to ascertain if all expected conditions are met before it can proceed with the engine running.

  • Cluster calibration

The feature gives you the ability to edit and rewrite original data into a new instrument.

  • Oil Reset

This functionality allows you to reset maintenance mileage and proceeding data to enable calculation of engine oil life system once there is an oil change.

Bi-directional controls, coding, and programming abilities

Foxwell i75TS is a powerful scan tool.

Not only does it allow you to read your codes, but it also enables you to perform actuator tests.  These are tests ran on vehicle systems and their components that can periodically activate and control them. Once the actuator test is complete, the component can go back to running normally.

This functionality happens to provide that a module can be re-coded.Foxwell i75TS is among best OBD2 scanners with key programming.The i75TS supports coding, programming, and reprogramming a replacement module if it has incorrect coding.

This diagnostic tool provides for sensor activation and programming. Sensor programming allows users to program sensor data to MX-Sensor. It also allows one to replace non-performing or faulty sensors. The options available for MX-Sensor programming are:

  • Copy by activation – used to program a new MX-sensor once the input once has been triggered and their information displayed.
  • Copy by OBD – Transfers retrieved sensor IDS from a test vehicle’s ECU to new MX-Sensors.
  • Copy by Input – Allows MX-Sensor duplication from an original TPMS sensor ID.
  • Auto Create – creates random sensor IDS that are used to program a new MX-Sensor.

Supported protocols and vehicle coverage

The Foxwell i75TS supports all OBD2 protocols and a lot more. These are IS09141-2, IS014230-2, IS015765-4, K/L lines, SAE-J1850 VPW, SAE-J1850PWM, Double Klines, High-speed, Middle-speed, Fault-Tolerant CAN, CAN ISO 11898,  KW81, KW82, UART Echo Byte Protocol, TP2.0, TP16, SAEJ1939, SAE J1708, GM UART, Low-speed and Single-wire CAN.

With all these protocols supported, this scanner tool ensures that mechanics can meet all their clients’ diagnostic needs all at the touch of a screen.

It supports over 110 car brands across different markets in the world. These include but are not limited to:

  • European: Audi, Sprinter, Volvo, Renault, Fiat, Jaguar, etc.
  • American: GM, Chrysler, and ford.
  • Asian: Nissan, Isuzu, Fuso, Acura, Mazda, Subaru, Toyota, Mahindra, etc.

Warranty, software update, and price

The price of the i75TS ranges from retailer to retailer but on average, it costs about $1200 and is available on major dealers and major retail platforms. On The current price on is $1,199.

This scanner tool offers a 3-year free online update. This is made better by the ability to update via Wi-Fi, thus making sure you have the latest version of its software at all times.

It has a 2-year warranty.

Marketed users

The Foxwell i75Ts is designed with car repair professionals and auto repair shops in mind. And with its superior range of diagnostic tools, data representation tools, and market coverage, it meets its intended purpose.

With that in mind, car enthusiasts, drivers or anyone else in need of this tool should get it. Its big screen, user manual, and support community ensure that you have information on how to get the best out of it.

Final thoughts

The Foxwell brand has produced some amazing diagnostic tools, but the i75TS which is a newer-generation scan tool stands out. It incorporates powerful and unique features from the previous model, with newer features to ensure that it can cover all car brands. While the price may be relatively high, it is worth it! It is durable, fast, effective, and efficient. Making sure that with or without training, you can diagnose and interpret readings.

Further to that, with its high data storage, automatic VIN reading, and unique data parameter self-learning technology, the health and status of your vehicle are always relayed whenever you are using this tool!