Foxwell NT510 2005 Dodge 1NT Check Engine on Reset

I have a 2005 Dodge 1NT that has traveled 128k miles. When it was not working properly, I used Foxwell NT510 to check the engine and found a fault code for the low pressure fuel sensor.


Foxwell NT510 has a Sprinter specific section. That’s where I got the codes for the Sensors. I think the Wire harness issue is going to be the answer when it shows up other codes randomly show up when they really are not a problem. Such as the instrument panel code, the heater code. I got a few oddballs, but they didn’t reappear when I replace the sensors and cleared the codes.


Someone is kind to offer the Advice:

Cut the zip ties down by the fuel filter bracket, then start recording live data ignition on, engine stopped. Now bend and flex the wiring harness. Nothing should change significantly in your data stream. If something does you’ve had two or more wires rub through inside the bundle. Cut it open and inspect. There are a few photos of damage to that bundle,  here’s my door harness… it still worked just fine, but occasionally it blew the central locking fuse.

Foxwell NT510 2005 Dodge 1NT Check Engine on Reset


Finally solved:

OK here’s an answer no one expected, changed the sensors based on codes, went hunting for open circuits–only found some maybes in the expected places
The answer? replaced the engine to chassis ground and the battery Neg to firewall ground… more codes started and runs perfectly.

but has a strange low idle, then fixes itself after 30-40 seconds
cold start or restart.
I also replaced the filter, checked for any signs of leaks at the injectors-no signs of death
Changed the oil, due to all the no starts/cranking.