Foxwell NT510 Land Rover special functions feedback (lots pics)

Foxwell NT510 Land Rover special functions works i.e SLS calibration, SLS Transportation, Suspension configuration, brake bleeding, reset the ECM and ECU adaptions etc.


Here are screenshots of the brake’s special function options (1) modular bleed and (2) power bleed functions that really work on m Disco…


There is also an option to reset the ECM and ECU adaptions which I didn’t try since I don’t know exactly what this does to my electrical system…


Foxwell NT510 Land Rover key programming doesn’t work

Nothing works after entering either the 6 digit code from the key fob or the 18 digit code from the scientific calculations excel spreadsheet….The foxwell updates are in work.


Therefore I would say it’s still worth buying. It lets you control the brakes and various activators. It lets you reset the ECU’s “learned” fuel mapping.
It shows you most live data (not oil pressure!) and lets you erase ODB2 codes.
Maybe the used key that I bought simply doesn’t transmit properly or some such. I simply can’t confirm that the Foxwell can program key FOBs.
It did reprogram my EKA to something that I could remember, though.


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