Foxwell NT530 Porsche scanner review

Dear readers, I read an objective feedback on Foxwell NT530 Porsche scanner from @deilenberger, I would love to share his test results and experience sharing with you. Hope to help everyone.

Foxwell NT530 Porsche scanner review

Here we go:

I think the bad reviews on Amazon are at least partly caused by purchasing it via Amazon – which means you’re purchasing it via a secondary vendor – not from Foxwell. There are complaints of what it won’t do on a number of models, and while the complaints are correct, if the buyer had spent some time on the actual Foxwell US website, they’d see that Foxwell never claimed the tool would do what they expected it to do on the models they’re using it with. It works fine and is very useful on my 987.2 (and I’d assume a 987.1), it’s less useful on my Cayenne 958.1. It can do coding on the 987 models. That is shown on the spreadsheet of capabilities on the Foxwell website. It cannot do coding on the 958 series Cayenne – and it doesn’t claim to on that same spreadsheet. If you look at the 955/957 series Cayenne – it can do extensive coding.


Is this information available via Amazon – I couldn’t find it. It’s available on the Foxwell website. , – the capabilities spreadsheet is at: – pick Porsche, pick the NT530 tool and then view the spreadsheet (it shows all the Porsche models it covers in this mode) – to narrow it down to your specific model – select your model. So far the listings on the Porsche’s I’ve tried it on have been accurate.


As far as value (I own all 3):

Durametric Enthusiast Model – around $300, limited to only Porsche, limited to 3 VIN#’s. No real programming capabilities except resetting service information, support is good, but no software update in years – so what’cha got is what you’re going to have. Runs under Windows only, requires a PC. Has reporting capabilities IIRC (it’s been a while since I’ve plugged it in..)


iCarScan Launch X431 – cost around $180-200 depending on the vendor. Support is poor, and it doesn’t seem to register the owner correctly under Android-10. It works OK under earlier versions of Android. No updates recently. Not supported by the Google store – have to source code APK from elsewhere to install it on your phone. It is capable of doing more than just Porsche, and it comes with the ability to setup for 5 different manufacturer’s. I suspect actual capabilities will vary by car model – it does for my Boxster vs Cayenne support. No VIN number limitations – can use with an unlimited number of vehicles. You can also purchase additional manufacturers (beyond the 5 included) for around $50 each. Offers reporting that creates PDF files that can be emailed. There is a newer version of the EzDiag software out somewhere, I haven’t tried installing it on my Android-10 phone to see if that solves the registration problem. Meanwhile it continues to work on an old phone I kept around running Android 7. There is also EzDiag software available for the iPhone OS. Shipped from China, but delivery was amazingly fast for me – about 2 days. Can’t promise that’s still the case. Software updates are available – free for the 1st year, then at some cost per year.


Foxwell NT530 – Cost with 1 free manufacturer (I picked Porsche) around $155 delivered, purchased direct from the US Foxwell importer after emailing sales and asking for a price. Shipped from the US, so delivery was quite fast (2 days). You can purchase additional manufacturers for around $50/60 each. I believe there is a limit on the number it will support – but it was higher than I’d ever need so I didn’t pay much attention to that. Software download/update was fairly simple, requires a PC, but once done the unit is a standalone, powered by the OBD-II connector (no additional cords needed or power sources.) Capabilities differ by Manufacturer/Model – DO check the link I provided above and avoid disappointment. On my Cayenne – programming isn’t available – but it isn’t available with Durametric Enthusiast or iCarScan. Diagnostics and activations (making systems do things) appear equal to the other tools. Can do oil/service resets. It can save data, but I haven’t found a reporting ability yet, but I also haven’t really looked. I suspect if it exists that might require hooking it up to a computer or taking the memory card in it (user installed) to a computer. Software updating is done via a USB computer connection. It appeared that software updates are fairly frequent – and are free to the user forever.


The best value to ME is the Foxwell. YMMV. That’s because it does programming on my Boxster 987 – and one programming incident saved me the cost of purchase meaning it’s basically cost me nothing, and there is more programming on it to explore. It also is the only tool that actually knows what a PDK is, and offers the “Fill” mode which means avoiding expensive dealer fluid changes. Your value may vary – but I actually rather doubt if a monetary case could be made for either of the other 2 tools even for the 981 series, since neither of them will actually do programming either.


I’ll repeat – DO view the capabilities chart at  BEFORE purchasing so you aren’t disappointed.