Will Foxwell NT530 reset airbag on 99 Benz E430 W210 with 38pin?

Confirmed: Foxwell NT530 is able to reset airbag light on for a 1999 Mercedes Benz E430 W210 with 38pin


Foxwell NT530 W210 airbag reset function list:

ECU Information

Read Codes

Erase Codes

Live Data


Source: https://www.foxwelltech.us/support-fun-list.html


Foxwell Nt530 Benz 38pin 01

For the 38pin port, advise you have this package: Foxwell NT530 with Benz software + 38pin cable:

Foxwell Nt530 Benz 38pin 02


Source: https://www.foxwelltool.com/wholesale/foxwell-nt520-pro-for-benz-with-benz-38-pin-cable.html