Foxwell NT680pro db15 pin cable needed

I recently purchased an Foxwell NT680pro with all adapters. Everything arrived but the adapters have female DB15 connector and the 680 came with a DB15 to OBD2 cable, no DB15 cable for the adapters so the adapters are useless. Also, the OBD2 cable that came with the 680 does not fit all OBD2 ports properly. I have confirmed my other OBD2 cables for other tools work fine but the Foxwell cable must not be molded just right, it will NOT fit on my 2014 Honda, but works fine on other vehicles.

Please look at the images below. In the picture below the cable is called “Diagnosis Cable” and that cable is missing.

Foxwell Nt680 Pro Db15 Pin Cable 01


The main cable that follows the NT680Pro cannot be used with the adapter set:

Foxwell Nt680 Pro Db15 Pin Cable 02 reply:

I checked with factory, you need a db15 pin cable to connect between the connectors and the NT680 pro package.

This cable is not included in the NT680 pro full package. But we can ship it to you for free of charge by by YANWEN Express, with no tax.

Foxwell Nt680 Pro Db15 Pin Cable 03 Foxwell Nt680 Pro Db15 Pin Cable 04


One more question:

I own the Foxwell GT80 but I looking the NT644  my quest is it the connectors from the Gt 80 can be use with the nt644 ?


The GT80 connector can used on NT644 , but it need a DB15 cable.