How Foxwell NT530 diagnoses Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Some users will see a blank screen when using Foxwell NT530 to diagnose Mercedes Benz Sprinter. Because Mercedes-Benz models and Sprinter models are independent rather than linked models. You should enter “Sprinter” option instead of “Mercedes Benz – SMARTVIN”.


What happened after entering “Mercedes Benz” and then “SMARTVIN”?

Mercedes Sprinter 311CDI (NCV3, w906, OM646, 2.1litre 111kW)


VIN: WDB9066352S2xxxxx


I have progressed SLIGHTLY since sending the original request, through uninstalling all Mercedes software then reinstalling the oldest version available through FoxUpdate (v1.32.001), then updating to newest version (v1.40.001).


My error pathways from the main NT530 homescreen are now as follows:


\ Mercedes

\ Benz

\ Smart VIN…”Gateway Data Initialising”

(Correct VIN recognised, as above)




[Sub-menu Title]: “906.635 Main Groups”

\ Quick Scan


(freezes when, blank screen & blue bar across top; cannot move selector up/down or select{BACK})

\ Control Modules


(goes to white screen, no options visible; BACK button does return to sub-menu)


\ Oil Reset


(Gives message “Function not supported”)

How Foxwell NT530 diagnoses Mercedes Benz Sprinter

How Foxwell NT530 diagnoses Mercedes Benz Sprinter


Okay, this customer’s problem is finally solved. For questions about Foxwell NT530,

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