How to diagnose 2008 BMW 328i not start by Foxwell NT510?

Floated 2008 BMW 328i no start and spark plugs for power but no sparks, I used Foxwell NT510 and read out fault codes, what I can do next? Reading the following parts.


Car model and year:

2008 BMW 328i


Car issue:

it is flood car and the water level is to the top of the steering wheel. The vehicle now is turning but no start. I checked the spark plugs for power but no sparks.


BMW diagnostic tool to use:

I scanned the vehicle with FOXWELL NT510 that I bought from



Here’s a list of the Fault codes errors:

A0B6/present CAS: Selector-level interlock
A0B5/present CAS: Fault, road speed signal
A0B0/not present CAS: Input, brake lights, implausible
A0B3/not present CAS: Starter motor, terminal 50
CF1C/present EGS: No messages from engin control
CF1D/present No messages from DSC, receiver DHG/DSC
CF19/present No message (wheel torque request) from the LDM, receiver DKG/EGS, transmitter KOMBI/LDM-DSC
CED4/present No message (0xAA) receiver EKP, transmitter DME-DDE
D13E/present Message from control unit, receiver RDC
A091/present FZD: Sunroof drive
E717/present Message (engine data, 0x1D0) faulty, receiver IHKA, transmitter DME-DDE
E71A/present Message (torque 3, 0xAA) faulty, receiver IHKA, transmitter DME-DDE
E71C/present Message (speed, 0x1A0) faulty, receiver IHKA, transmitter DSC
9C6E/present IHKA: Solar Sensor
E71B/present Message (heating current, engin 0x1B6) faulty, receiver IHKA, transmitter DME-DDE
E720/present Message (power management, consumer/load control, 0x3B3) faulty, receiver IHKA, transmitter DME-DDE
9C50/not present IHKA: Rear compartment stratification flap motor
A3AC/present Message (distance traveled, 0x1A6) faulty, receiver KOMBI, transmitter DSC
A3AD/present Message (engin data 0x1D0) faulty, receiver KOMBI, transmitter DME-DDE
A3C1/present Message error (footwell module, 0x4F0), receiver instrument panel, transmitter footwell module
A3B9/present Sporadic fault (failure, DSC message, 0x19E0) No repair measures available, receiver KOMBI, transmitter DSC
A3B4/present Message error (lighting state, 0x21A), receiver instrument panel, transmitter footwell module
A550/present Message (speed, 0x1A0) faulty, receiver KOMBI, transmitter DSC
A3AE/present Message (engine speed, 0x0AA) faulty, receiver KOMBI, transmitter DME-DDE
C90B-not present JBE: PT-CAN Communication fault
C918/present No message (wiper operation, 0x2A6), receiver JBE: transmitter FRM/SZL/LWS/IHKA
A6C9/present JBE: Windscreen wipers
A6CF/present JBE: AUC sensor
93C3/present MRS: Seat-occupancy detection, passenger
93FB/present No message (vehicle speed) from DSC, ACSM receiver/MRS5 DSC transmitter
93B3/present MRS: Passenger airbag, stage 2
93B4/present MRS: Driver’s airbag, stage 2
93AB/present MRS: Passenger airbag, stage 1



the DME (Engine Control Module) is NOT functioning, for instance 5th line says EGS (Transmission Control Module) can’t communicate with DME. Also I don’t see any indication of any code from the DME, either present or past. If your Foxwell has the ability to connect to the DME alone, try to get it to do that & see if it confirms that it CANNOT connect.

I would suggest trying to get the DME to power up. There is a separate relay that powers the DME. The DME itself activates the relay K6300 soldered into the JB as shown in this “Installation Location” link:


Here is the Wiring Diagram for the Relay:


Here are other relevant Circuit diagrams for the DME:



I actually sent the ECU, CAS and 1 Key to the repair shop so they can test it but most likely they gonna get me another ECU and they gonna sync the CAS and Keys to the ECU.

Also I bought relays to replace
1 black for the ECU
1 black for the fuel pump
1 green for the wipers
1 blue (I can’t remember for what).


So, foxwell NT510 is a pretty good scanner for the beginner & DIYers.


Also, to troubleshot this 2008 BMW 328i, If you installed INPA or ISTA, then a K+DCAN Cable is what you need to connect the OBDII socket to your Computer USB port. And this cable at 16USD is suggested more than any other on this site:

Search “Inpa” on for more instructions.