Land Rover Discovery II ABS Brake Bleeding by Foxwell NT520: Done

Foxwell NT520 /NT530 is confirmed to perform ABS Brake Bleeding on Land Rover Discovery II.


Purpose: ABS Brake Bleeding


Car model: Land Rover Discovery II


Symptom: My front driver side wheel was smoking with apparent burning rubber smell.


What I Did to Do:

Replaced all 4 calipers, BMC and booster on my old D2 couple years ago and Id like to swap it all over and do a proper brake bleed (3 step process).


Possible tools:

  1. Atlantic British Iland Diagnostic tool: $400 (too expensive)


  1. Icarsoft Diagnostic tool: not work


  1. Foxwell NT520 / Foxwell 530: about 179USD free shipping from, it makes brake bleeding mad easy.


  1. Manual way: I bled my brakes by jumping out the abs relay with two wires, long enough to reach the furthest wheel, and a push button to activate the pump, while I opened the bleeders one by one. Easy-peasy.


How to use Foxwell NT520 for ABS Brake Bleeding on Land Rover Discovery II?

My Foxwell NT520 arrived today. Good shipping times.



Firstly and most importantly, I registered the device online, made an account, downloaded the foxwell program and updated my device with the appropriate Land Rover software. AND I found the ABS menu!!!!





NOTE: You need to apply the Land Rover software, it is not loaded you have to install it. Directions comes with the unit, in the quick guide. Otherwise you won’t see the ABS menu.

Last but not least

  1. Foxwell is good for emailing info on software updates when you register your scanner.
    I’ve got Land Rover/Jaguar & BMW/Mini/Rolls Royce on mine so I always keep my scanner updated.


  1. Foxwell NT520 is replaced by Foxwell NT530, if you are looking for a cheap tool to perform ABS Brake Bleeding on Land Rover too, please go for Foxwell NT530 scanner.