NT530 Porsche 2013 C2S (991) oil change fill in the complete date


Did oil change today for Porsche 2013 C2S (991). Foxwell NT530 doesn’t like the 20210227 dates, wouldn’t take any 2021 year date input. Anyone had any luck with it?


Experience for sharing:

I too tried to enter 20210227 as the date I coded my steering wheel Sport and Launch Control lights, and was similarly unable to get it to accept this date.
I tried swapping the YYYYMMDD sequence to YYYYDDMM – as I know the US gets its to arse backward sometimes – and this did not work either.
So, I just accepted the default 20130203 dates as prompted.
No issues (except for historical review of changes I guess).

On the plus side, the engine Over Rev looks good, and steering wheel lights coded fine. and an indication as to the number of RPM attained within RPM range considered excessive.

An issue for manual, but less so for PDKs for obvious reasons…

NT530 Porsche 2013 C2S (991) oil change fill in the complete date

NT530 Porsche 2013 C2S (991) oil change fill in the complete date


While that’s ok for steering wheel, the date is quite important component for service indicator.

NT530 Porsche 2013 C2S (991) oil change fill in the complete date

Merely to review the number of revolutions that have passed in the ‘Over Rev’ range in the history of the car (based on the hour meter).
I am not sure you can resent the redline this way…



After updating Foxwell NT530 I got quite impressed with it. Could enter proper oil change date. Register battery (which also clears errors with auto stop/start & PDL). Also found enormous list of tests and special functions in each of the menus. To update you would need a quite old computer with something like Windows 7 or similar running on it.



I explored the light options a bit – there is an option for the type of lights in the rear – blank, LED, incandescent. Mine was set to blank, I decided to change it to LED – that gave me a bulb out a warning message and double-fast blink whenever I used either turn signal, despite the 987.2 coming with LED lights. SO – I went back into the menu and selected incandescent and everything was fine again. that sort of confirms my thinking that a lot of the de-codes and reverse engineering required for these tools is coming from a single source, there are a number of reversed-function faults like this in the iCarScan X431 tool…

I also didn’t see anything about running lights, but that might have been a selection done with the PCM on some cars – it is that way on my ’11 Cayenne.


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