Porsche 997.2 Coding and Diagnosis: foxwell NT530/520/510vs Autel & piwis II

Car model and year: Porsche 997.2 2009 & 2014



Looking for a workshop tool which can code replacement stock components, as well as all the basic things.

And the price should be cheaper.


Intentional Porsche 997 tool:

Autel MS906BT, 1199 USD

Chinese clone of PIWIS II, 400USD only hardware, need a laptop

foxwell NT530/520/510, 169USD


Chinese clone of PIWIS II review:

I’ve got the PIWIS 2 clone and running the OS on a VM. Works great if you don’t mind lugging around the unit and a laptop. It’s not the most intuitive of interfaces but it’s not terribly difficult either. Once you get used to navigating Around and figuring out where things are it gets pretty easier. Everything is organized by its appropriate parts group. I’ve both troubleshot a recoded a few things and haven’t had any issues. I’m happy with it.


Look into the fox well 510/520/530 units.
– no laptop needed
– $169 + I think another $60 (for some countries for Porsche specific software)
– codes about 90% of what the durmetric Pro does (for 1/3 of the price)
– even codes modules that durmetric pro cant code (i.e. foxwell can access + code the steering wheel module) – where traditionally we would have to hunt down a piwisII for.

Based on the large number of foxwell threads here.
– dme scan
– obdII code read out
-steering wheel conversion (steering module coding + steering angle sensor calibration) – durmetric pro cannot access
– front module coding (turning side markers to blinkers)
– rear module coding (spoiler lift control)
– side module coding (using the keys to control the windows)
– getting horn to honk when unlocking the car (durmetric pro cant do this)

can all be done via the foxwell.

I would start with this unit first unless you absolutely NEED ALL the piwis functionality. cheaper, faster, easier, and off the shelf and ready to go.



I have a Durametric Pro, but I realize it won’t help code the steering wheel for when I put in a 991/Macan wheel. Was contemplating the PIWIS clones. I’ll give the Foxwell a try before doing that.



is your 997.2 steering wheel module new? if it’s a used module (or if u already have a 997.2) then you will have no problem re the fox well.

I have read in one case that the foxwell nt530 couldn’t program a brand new steering wheel module (but i am not convinced it wasn’t user error), despite the fact that that the user admits that the rear wiper module was successfully coded to function AND the steering angle sensor calibration was successfully.


You can google and see a video on foxwell + 997MF enabling.