Rest the SRS light on Land Rover Discovery 2: Foxwell NT520 or Autel AL619

Car model and year: Land Rover Discovery 2



To be able to rest the SRS light and see if it tells which ABS sensor is throwing a code (maybe its not that smart).


User: DIYer, better handheld scanner.


Tool to consider to have:

  1. Nanocom: the GEMS Disco unit only supports the engine ECU, not any others.
  2. P38s: one dead, one working
  3. MSV line: seems to cover those but runs on a computer and is much more expensive due to hardware and module cost.


Then, what tools are tested OK to cover all systems of Discovery 2?

Review 1: I have this one:

It reads/erases ECU, SRS and ABS codes for EVERYTHING – including Ferraris. I’ve used it on Chevys, LR, BMW, VW, Cadillac, Mercedes, Nissan…

It doesn’t change BCU/ECU settings or activate ABS valves, but for diagnosing and resetting codes, it’s tough to beat for $120.


I have not used it on a D1, just my D2.

That said, for the BMW I had, I bought an adapter to get to the ABS/SRS units. Like this:


Review 2: Foxwell NT520

Foxwell NT520 will fully cover your P38, and some D1 functions due to its similarity to GEMS P38.