(Solved) Foxwell NT520 scanned BMW E36 “No communication”

5 hours ago, Gary xxx feedback “I received the 20 pin connector (for BMW) today. It has resolved all previous problems (BMW Z36 “No communication” error). With the exception that it still Fails to decode the VIN, either through Automatic or Manual mode. Hopefully your Engineer will be able to come up with a solution.”


And here is the working BMW 20 pin connector he received:



Let’s go through his problem:

Have 2000 BMW E36 (old car)

Using Foxwell NT520 scanner (from foxwelltool.com)

foxwell-nt520-scanned-bmw-e36-02 foxwell-nt520-scanned-bmw-e36-03



  1. No communication with Drive, Body, Chassis
  2. VIN coding failed

foxwell-nt520-scanned-bmw-e36-04 foxwell-nt520-scanned-bmw-e36-05 foxwell-nt520-scanned-bmw-e36-08 foxwell-nt520-scanned-bmw-e36-06 foxwell-nt520-scanned-bmw-e36-07 foxwell-nt520-scanned-bmw-e36-09


Therefore, if you have old BMW to scan with Foxwell NT520 scanner (Sam as Foxwell NT530), please remember you need one extra 20 pin connector.


For VIN coding, Foxwell NT520 doesn’t support.