Trade Foxwell NT510 for Foxwell NT520

Dear Foxwell NT510 users,

If you are considering to trade your Foxwell NT510 for Foxwell NT520. Please read the following dialogue between the Emilia of and one customer.


XXX emailed:

Good day.

I bought my NT510 from you guys in February 2018. I choose Honda manufacture as my free software and add Toyota to it shortly after. My thing is I prefer the NT520 that release shortly after, I would be happy if you could trade my NT510 for the NT520? My NT510 is like brand new scratch free only use it 3 times. Please make me happy.



The NT510 and NT520 performs the same functions and software for Honda and Toyota. I think there is no need to exchange for NT520. If you want to change, need to pay the shipping and price difference, also the additional software for Toyota will not be added, if need to add again, need to pay extra.


If you need any assistance, please let us know.


XXX emailed:

Please tell me if I’m wrong. Why I prefer the NT520 it seems bigger and the DLC can be replace if needed?



The NT520 updated the firmware, so yes, it has something different on outlook. If you prefer the NT520, here is the link:

foxwell nt520 pro scanner 13 - Trade Foxwell NT510 for Foxwell NT520