What is the difference between Foxwell NT624 Elite and other Foxwell products?

Foxwell NT624 Elite delivers an impressive range of functions in an incredibly lightweight package, and will suit almost every requirement. As a comprehensive diagnostic tool, it’s perfect for auto technicians, and will provide the detailed support you need. NT624 Elite will help check what’s triggering a check engine light, or read live sensor data. It is compatible with over 50 different auto manufacturers makes.

Foxwell NT624 Elite Foxwell NT624E Foxwell NT614 Elite
Image What is the difference between Foxwell NT624 Elite and other Foxwell products? What is the difference between Foxwell NT624 Elite and other Foxwell products? What is the difference between Foxwell NT624 Elite and other Foxwell products?
Price $208 $253.89 (Amazon) $184.99(Amazon)
Weight 3.03 lbs 2.99 lbs 2.99 lbs
Dimensions 7.67″ x 1.18″ x 3.74″ 13.18″ x 9″ x 3.25″ 13.3″ x 9.1″ x 3.3″
OBDII Functions (Read & clear codes, EVAP system test, etc.) Yes Yes Yes
Transmission Diagnosis Yes Yes Yes
ABS/SRS Diagnosis Yes Yes Yes
Electrical System Diagnosis Yes Yes No
Suspension and Steering Systems Diagnosis Yes Yes NO
All-system diagnosis Yes No, only 4-system No
Oil Reset Yes (58 manufacturers) Yes(49manufacturers) Yes
EPB Reset Yes Yes (42 manufacturers) Yes
ABS Bleeding No Mercedes only No
Pros Has the most diagnostic and service functions. Easy to use and navigate.
Has compatibility for the majority of vehicles on the road.
You’ll get more bang for your buck with its diagnosis and reset functions match those of scan tools cost twice as much or more.
Cons Can be a bit pricey for budget-minded buyers. Can be a bit pricey for budget-minded buyers. Slow data reading.
Not consistently compatible with newer model years.
More limited when it comes to system diagnosis.


Foxwell NT624 Elite wins in all-system diagnosis at reasonable price.

Foxwell NT624 Elite Outlook

Weighing only 3.03 lbs, it’s the perfect handheld scanner for performing diagnostics anywhere. The back-lit 480*272 TFT Color Screen is incredibly easy to read, and makes sorting through live data readings simple. The responsive buttons and large icons allow you to navigate the menu quickly and intuitively, so you’ll be able to find the services you need without a problem. The device doesn’t require a battery, and simply draws power from the engine once connected to your car’s OBD port. This way, you won’t have to worry about power supplies when you’re on the go, and the long cable won’t restrict you, either.

Foxwell NT624 Elite Vehicle Coverage

The NT624 Elite also includes enviable vehicle coverage, as it works with the majority of makes and models from 1996 and onward. Domestic, Asian, and European cars are all covered by the scanner, so performing diagnostics on imported models won’t be an issue. Cars, SUVs, minivans, and light duty trucks will all enjoy great compatibility with the NT624, as its coverage includes over 50 manufacturers. The one-click vehicle identification systems are easily able to access VIN, year, make, and model data for your vehicle, so you’ll have all the information you need.

Foxwell NT624 Elite Features and Functionality

Foxwell NT624 Elite allows you to read all basic trouble codes, and access freeze frame or live data with ease. The included memory card is also an excellent way to backup data for future use. If you’re investigating a check engine light, the scanner will quickly access your engine data for fast diagnostics. It also supports all 10 standard OBD2 test modes, so that you can read and clear codes, or find ECU information effortlessly. The device also boasts O2 monitor tests and an enhanced mode 6.

You’ll also be able to complete a range of vehicle services in just a few minutes. Anti-Lock Braking System and Supplemental Restraint System diagnostics will be simple, and you can also perform ABS Bleeding or a TPMS reset with the touch of a button. The NT624 scanner can even diagnose air conditioning problems or conduct DPF regeneration, so you can ensure your vehicles are in full working order. The only service it can’t complete is injector coding, so you won’t be able to change your car settings or program new keys.


Foxwell NT624 Elite Language

Foxwell NT624 Elite is available with up to 13 languages: English, French, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese ,Thai, Hungarian, Japanese, Russian, or Korean etc.

Foxwell NT624 Elite Update

Online update free lifetime, It’s quick and easy to update your scanner via a USB connection to your computer, and this way you can be sure that you always stay ahead of the latest diagnostic technology.

Foxwell NT624 Elite Target User

FOXWELL NT624 is perfect for beginner mechanics. The fact that you can easily hand it to another machine, as is the fact that it works with virtually every car.

It’s still an excellent scanner for home use as well. While it’s a bit pricier than some options on the market, choosing this scanner ensures that you’ll have a tool to help diagnose any car you buy in the future.

Foxwell NT624 Elite Pros

Wide compatibility – Foxwell NT624 Elite can tool works with just about every make of car. If you’re only going to have one scanner in your garage, it’s a good idea to choose one that works for everything.


Easy to use – You don’t have to fiddle with complicated apps or wrestle with a grainy black and white interface to use this device. Instead, it’s simple enough that a novice can get things done with ease.


Handheld Device – Many scanners these days require a phone or tablet to work. However, you won’t have to go back inside and get your phone to use this device. It’s also easy to share amongst multiple people.

Foxwell NT624 Elite Cons

No Programming – Some modern scan tools let you change car settings. This isn’t one of them. If you want to program your car, you’ll need to look elsewhere.